Antique writing desks for sale

The three separate elements were often fitted with large handles on the sides. These pieces can still be found in good condition today and can bring a more traditional feel to the bedroom. There is a choice of traditionally coloured leathers in red, green, brown or black.

It does need a little TLC so it's perfect for the furniture refinishing hobbyists. Most desks will have either a veneered surface usually in mahogany, but other veneers can be used or they will have an inset hand tooled leather panel.

Antique Desks & Antique Tables

Lastly, you may ask where can i find these old relics near me. Collection in Somerset West. Early desks were often very large and heavy, the structure was big to allow for space when copying books by hand.

Not only do they serve a functional purpose, the wide variety of Antique writing desks for sale such as writing desks, filing cabinets and bijouterie tables can also have symbolic and religious purposes, making them desirable collectables.

In particular a mahogany antique desk will fetch a high price due to its strength and durability. Worldwide packing and expert shipping are available, so if you see something you like just contact us for a shipping quote to your part of the world.

This makes cabinets and desks a popular choice amongst collectors. These are on four usually tapered or turned legs, with one row of drawers underneath the writing surface. There are well over 50 different varieties of desks — those mentioned as well as Credenza Desks, Mazarin Desks, Butlers Desks, Davenport Desks and Lieseuse Desks with a central panel on the surface which rises to aid readers.

I bought this desk about 4 years ago and it survived moving from the island to Vancouver and back. Start expressing yourself and create your own bohemian home. The smaller pedestal desks with such a panel are sometimes called Kneehole Desks, When a pedestal desk is doubled in size to form a nearly square working surface, and drawers are put on both sides to accommodate two users at the same time, it becomes a Partners Desk.

Both in good condition. Text or call If you are not a UK resident, never fear. Notable auction sales The more elaborate the design of any given spinet desk, and the better condition it is in, the higher a price it is likely to fetch at auction.

See us at Fort St. The many varied designs will reflect the times and places where they were carefully crafted. We have many of these in stock, and are always interested to embark on new commissions.

The Carlton House desk has the drawers, pigeonholes and miniature cupboard arranged in front of the writer in a U shape; almost embracing them. Cabinets and desks can be found from many periods, including the Victorian, which are made from differing woods, like oak and mahogany.

If you see this listing the desk is still available. Antiques for SaleOther 3 Photo s Beautiful writing desk - in excellent condition.

The marks and signs of usage on an antique desk is just an added feature of the charm.

The two ends of the U are usually sloped downwards towards the writer. The desks experienced a resurgence in popularity during the early 20th century, with the peak of production occurring between andtherefore rendering the vast majority of spinet desks as non-antique.

We hand select and often refinish our high-end and heirloom furniture. Prices can vary wildly, sometimes reaching into the thousands. It does need a little TLC so it's perfect for the furniture refinishing hobbyists.

Very clean condition and still very usable for everyday use. The most popular is a twin pedestal model, with three drawers in one pedestal and a dummy front twin file drawer and single drawer in the other pedestal.

It was considered a portable desk in a limited way since the writing surface could be easily separated from the pedestals, to facilitate transport. The Carlton House desk has the drawers, pigeonholes and miniature cupboard arranged in front of the writer in a U shape; almost embracing them.

Of course, as with all our products we offer complete bespoke service, so if something more unusual was required, this could surely be catered to.

It's a great desk I just need a bit more storage than what it offers now. An antique secretary is slightly different to a desk in the sense it has a fold down flat surface as opposed to a permanent flat surface. Home office computer desks for sale online.

Shop different styles & colors. Browse corner computer desks, L shaped computer desks, & more. Computer Desk with Classic Style Sauder Down to Basic Writing.

Antique School Desks - All Original And In Great Condition

Click for Price. Buy Now. Down to Basics Writing / Laptop Desk. Click for Price. Lamphere Antique Oak Desk.

Desks and Writing Tables

Sale $ View Details. Writing desks have flat surfaces for even writing. Drawing desks are adjustable. These units, also known as drafting tables, make sure perspective isn't affected by the angle of the surface.

Desks ~ Writers Desk Antique Desks Style For Sale Writing S writers desk antique. Antique Writers Desk For Sale. Get Free Shipping on many of our popular selections, contact our U.S. based Customer Top Rated · Gift Ideas · Save 50% · Hand Painted.

A writing desk is the perfect choice for both comfort and style conscious homes because it meshes with your living room, hallway or bedroom style much easier than most traditional office hazemagmaroc.comg desks are traditionally smaller, and have fewer storage options, which makes them feel less bulky in.

At English Classics, we are proud to offer a wide variety of antique desks and writing tables. Our desks come in a variety of designs, including pedestal desks, partners desks, several styles of writing tables, as well more unique office furniture designs.

Antique writing desks for sale
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